Welcome to Slinging Arrow, LLC.!

Please read our FAQs to help answer a question you might have.

1. Do you offer wholesale?
Yes, for orders over $500 we offer a 10% discount code. "SAWHOLESALE10"

2. Can I submit my Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate?
Yes, please contact us at info@slingingarrow.com for more information.

3. Where can I find the most accurate processing/shipping time?
Message us on Facebook or email us at info@slingingarrow.com
Please keep in mind that we laser cut all blanks in our warehouse. Holidays can slow down production. Encourage your customers to order early! If you need something sooner contact us and we can see if it is possible. (subject to rush fee) *When sales are offered this can also delay processing times depending on the amount of orders received. 

4. Can I sell or give away your templates to other suppliers or cut my own sublimation blanks?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Templates are property of Slinging Arrow, LLC. If we are informed of you doing this, we will have our legal team contact you. 

5. Can you cut a custom cut for me?
It is possible, please contact us at custom@slingingarrow.com or Facebook and we can discuss.

6. What are your sublimation blanks cut out of?

Our blanks are cut out of 1/8" Unisub Hardboard glossy. 

7. Where can I find the time and temp that I should use?
Under each product description or join our facebook group for more great tips!

8. Where can I find designs that fit your blanks?
In our facebook group! Our approved designers have amazing designs for all of our blanks!

9. How can I contact you?

Thank you!